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Taking the plunge and running your own business is an amazing journey and you love what you do and keep getting better at it. But all businesses worry about Sales and Selling. How do I find customers, what do I say, I hate mentioning prices and money, what I am doing isn’t working, I don’t want to be pushy, I hate making phone calls….


Worrying and putting off selling is natural if you have never done sales in your previous life. Then the vicious circle of worrying about money, guilty you haven’t done any sales activity and feeling anxious continues.


All the frustrations can be solved simply, practically and affordably.

Our sales help is around the kitchen table in an informal relaxed setting working with a group of other owners who have the same sales worries. The sales monthly meetings help you to

  • Produce a Cunning Sales Plan
  • Set a target that is doable
  • Use a process and step by step breakdown of how you can do it
  • Have more confidence and belief
  • Use Sales techniques and tips
  • Keep on track and a kick up the backside when you are putting things off
  • Meet new contacts

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