Simple, Practical and Affordable.

We are filling the gap in the market for small business owners, you could to!

I developed Selling Made Easier around my Kitchen Table using simple systems and sales processes that worked, techniques they could use immediately to get results and they became confident and motivated.

I realised that other great sales women for lots of reasons wanted something more…

A new challenge which involves helping others and to make the money you deserve?

Your consultancy taking more of your time and making less money?

Burnt out balancing a young family or caring for parents ?

Want to work less hours and have more flexibility?

You could deliver great kitchen table sessions and we are improving sales for small business owners across the country making a real difference.

Everything in
one place

We have tried and tested it for you and have thought of
everything so that you can hit the ground running.


We provide training,  resources, support and you will be part of our sales community of franchisees  who love the product as much as our customers do.

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