We run workshops for your sales teams,

so that they can get you more sales

Boardroom Table

If you want more from your team and they are already great we can maximise their performance.

If you are deciding to take on your first sales person or have a sales manager and have a team already that frustrates you with poor sales we can help with Selling Made Easier interim sales management support.


All business owners worry about Sales and Selling.  How do we find more customers, is our message to our customers clear, our competitors are beating us on quotes over and over again, My sales manager needs support or something more drastic….


If you have not managed or recruited a sales person before it can be worrying. You often can’t get straight answers from them, you don’t have  a sales process that works, you need visibility and reporting from them but don’t know how to, you can’t motivate them and many more headaches we can help.


All the frustrations can be solved simply, practically and affordably.

Our sales help is at your offices around your boardroom table or desk.

We act as your Sales Manager to help you and your team increase sales

The sales training bespoke to you and your team needs and monthly meetings help you to increase your sales and hit target.

  • Produce and monitor a Cunning Sales Plan
  • Review and Set a target that is doable
  • Use a process and step by step breakdown of how you can do it and that your team can work to.
  • Assess your team so you can decide if they are right for you and your business.
  • Motivate your team and give them tons of ideas on how to generate leads
  • Use Sales techniques and tips that work
  • Keep you and them on track and be accountable with reporting

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