We help small business owners who want
more sales how to get them. Book now for a FREE session

We help small business owners who want more sales how to get them. Book on now to a FREE session

All the frustrations can be solved simply, practically and affordably.
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What people say about us!

  • "I attended a "Selling Made Easier" session with Hayley Caine last week - what a valuable use of 3 hours of my time. I'm not a salesperson, I'm an HR Professional, but Hayley made the content accessible and relatable - will definitely be booking on to her 6 module course. Her first session is free, get in touch with her via LinkedIn to book a place at her kitchen table - you won't regret it!"

    Helen Christie
    Helen Christie Face to Face HR
  • A kitchen table session that puts your sales challenges on the menu! I’ve had the pleasure of joining Hayley and a small group of like- minded small business owners at her group mentoring kitchen table sessions. Like any table talk you debate and share personal experience but the big difference is this is business focused and you get a highly experienced Sales Manager and a process to follow. The ideas flow like water and the 'half empty sales glasses' are overflowing. No wonder you've franchised it! Hayley you are brilliant and you’re onto a winner with Selling Made Easier.

    Gill Bailey
    Gill Bailey Linqs Limited
  • I first met Hayley at a networking meeting, where she invited me to a free sales session. From the first instance her friendly yet professional attitude was apparent. The sales meetings that she runs are invaluable. They provide information, techniques and an abundance of motivation, which helped me to be brave when setting sales targets. Through attending her monthly meetings around the ‘famous kitchen table’, I have developed as a business owner and in turn, my business has grown.

    Katie Skinner
    Katie Skinner Pink Spaghetti
  • Hayley is an amazing sales trainer. Engaging, quirky, smart, sophisticated and knows how to motivate and get the best out of people. She goes over and above to help and support your business. Its not just about selling it is all about passion.

    Angela Pinder
    Angela Pinder Paw Naturel
  • I attended Hayley's Selling Made Easier session early in my business not knowing what to expect. But from the moment I came to the kitchen table I had to come back. Not only does Hayley have extensive knowledge of Sales, she is a passionate, energetic, motivating business coach. She makes you feel like you can do anything. I would not be where I am today without her and I recommend her sessions to anyone who needs more sales.

    Laura Stack
    Laura Stack Thats Engagement
  • Smashing our sales targets and thank you so much for your advice, encouragement and positive energy over the past few months

    Gary Nicholas
    Gary Nicholas Alphapest Control


Our sales help is around the kitchen table in an informal relaxed setting working with a group of other owners who have the same sales worries.

All the frustrations can be solved simply, practically and affordably.
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